When To Book Your Newborn Photoshoot
-Tallahassee Newborn Photography-

There are so many things to consider upon finding out that you are pregnant. Your due date seems a long way off, but the months just keep clicking by. Forgetting to book a professional, newborn photographer is an easy thing to have happen. However, delaying that decision could leave you with fewer options.

I suggest that once you have completed your 1st trimester, you should book that newborn session. Because we don’t know the exact date to get on the calendar, we need to at least know the month that you are due, and book it with flexibility in mind. I jot down a tentative date (your due date) and you text or call me as soon as you have delivered your sweet baby.

We then look at your following week, depending on whether you delivered naturally or had a C-Section, and consider the best day for you to come to the studio for those precious photos.

Newborns are best photographed within those first 2 weeks, so we want to plan to get you in within that time frame. Let’s enjoy this moment together!