How Long Is The Newborn/Family Session?
-Tallahassee Family Photography-

I like the newborn session to be separate from the family session by a few days. We want to get that newborn into the studio as soon as possible after birth, but that is also the time when our new mommy feels like she’s just doing her best by simply getting there on time and on the right day! Life is a blur for her at this point and I would rather her come as she is, feeling relaxed and ready to just sit back and enjoy watching her newborn session, than worry how she looks on that day. By giving her a few more days before the family session, she is more apt to feel more like herself, want to dress up a little and enjoy a shorter session with family. The newborn session is 1.5 – 2 hrs. long and the family session is usually done in about 30 mins.